Monday, May 25, 2009

Khanom Sago Sai Moo(Sago and Pork)

1/2 cup minced pork
2 cups sago (small size)
3/4 cup pickled radish
1 cup onion (cut)
1/2 cup roasted peanut (ground)
4 coriander roots6 cloves garlic
15 Thai pepper
2 tbsp. palm sugar
2 tbsp. fish sauce
2 tbsp. olive oilCooking

1. Ground coriander roots, garlic and Thai pepper together.
2. Fry the mix above in hot pan with olive oil until it smells nice. Then, add pork and cook for 5 minutes.
3. After that, add onion, palm sugar, and fish sauce. You can adjust the taste as you like. Now, mix well.
4. Add pickled radish and roasted peanut.
5. Stir-fry until the everything get thick. Use low heat. Be careful, don't burn it. When the mix is thick, it will be easy to mold. Turn off the fire.
6. Next step, we will make the sago. Clean sago one time with water. Drain it and then soak in water for 1 hour.
7. After that, squeeze the sago very lightly with your hands. Take only your thumb size and flatten it. Put the stuff from number 5 in the middle. Now mold it in round shape.
8. When you finish, steam for 15 minutes.
9. Serve with lecttuce, red chilli peppers and coriander

Dip your hand in water while you mold the sago. It will not stick in your hand and the shape will be pretty.Fry minced garlic and dress it on sago. Oil will help sago not to stick and garlic it will give the best odor.

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Thai food is my favourite cuisine. They have very subtle flavours in their food with simple ingredients. This is a nice and healthy recipe to try for dinner or for lunch or just to have as a snack.