Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Durian:The King of Fruits

Thais regard durian as the king of fruits! A delicacy that consists of several large inedible seeds covered with the creamy golden flesh, altogether hidden within the spiny exterior of this really unique and exotic treat. Durians are easily noted for their highly pervasive and unpleasant smell, though the taste of durian is well worth all efforts to ignore its stink in order to sample the subtle flavor with distinctive smooth texture of this incomparable tropical fruit. In Thailand oftentimes sellers retail durians as 'ready to eat', since it isn't easy to get through its rough rocklike exterior. The species of Thai durians are found in several varieties, of which the most popular one is called 'mon thong'.

Khanom of receive from durian.

Durian ice cream

Thai Sticky Rice Steeped in durian Coconut Topping .

Fry durian.

Durian cake.

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