Friday, May 22, 2009

Khanom Bueng

Khanom Bueng 10 baht for each box.
Batter mix
500 g Toasted yellow bean flour
1 Kg Rice flour
700 g Sugar
6 Eggs
2 cups Water
1 cup
Milo powder (milk beverage with chocolate and malt) Mix Milo powder in the water, follow by toasted yellow bean flour and rice flour. Knead the mixture until it doesn’t stick to your hands. Add eggs into the dough and knead until they are well mixed. Add Sugar and continue kneading until it dissolves.

Savoury filling:
300 g Fresh shrimp(minced)
5 Coriander roots
50 g White pepper corns
1.5 cups Sugar
1-2 tsp Salt
3 Shredded Coconuts (3 fresh coconuts)
2-3 cups Water

Red or orange food coloringWash the coriander roots and pound them with pepper corns using mortar and pestle until they form a paste. Mix the paste with water and sugar in a thick sauce pan on medium heat for a while, then add the food coloring, salt, minced shrimps and shredded coconuts. Stir the mixture until the water evaporates, it will become fragrant, and stick together. Set it aside.

Sweet filling:
100 Duck eggs
3 kg Granulate sugar
4 cups Water

Separate the eggs, use only egg yolks,(save the egg whites for the cream filling). Sieve the egg yolks through a cheese cloth or a sieve. On medium heat, using a thick wok, heat the water with sugar to make syrup. Put the sieved yolks into a thick plastic bag, form the bag into a cone shape, and poke a few holes at the bottom of the bag. Press the plastic bag to let the yolks spray into the hot syrup, while moving the bag back and forth. That will cook the yolks in form of over lapping long strings. Remove it from the heat. Repeat until the yolks are gone.

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