Friday, December 5, 2008

Thai food culture

Thai food culture
In Thailand,We eat 3 meals to one day. In each day we have some rice with dishes such as Sweet and Sour Prawns ,Mungbean Noodle Saladand,Lahb Gai,etc and it is always rice or noodles.

Thai dishes Favorites.

Tord Man Pla(Spicy Fish Cakes)

Tom kha gai(Coconut milk soup with chicken)

Tom yum koong(Piquant prawn soup with lemon grass)

Pad pak ruam mit(Thai -style stir fried vegetables)

Panang (Panang curry with chicken or beef)

Gaeng ped (Thai red chicken,pork,beef curry)

Gai yang(Thai barbeque chicken)

Pad kimao(Thai chicken,pork,prawn or beef flambe)

Gai pad gaprao(Thai chicken,pork,prawn or beef with holy basil)

Yum yun sen(Mungbean Noodle Salad)

Kaj jure (omelette)

Rice & Noodles Favorites.

Pad Thai(Fried noodles Thai-style)

Kaeng Khua Saparot(Thai -style prawn and pineapple curry. )

Kao Moo Tod ,Kao Gai Tod,Kao Neeo Tod(Fried chicken,pork, or beef Rice)

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