Friday, December 12, 2008

KhanomThai (Thai sweets.) 3


Thai women have a particular liking for them and eat them both after and between meals. Most Thai sweets are made from five simple ingredients coconut cream, coconut flesh, rice flour, palm sugar and eggs.

Kha nom ka la mae

Kha nom keep lam duan

Kanom nam dog mai

Kha nom buang

Khanom sai mai

Mun tom(boil yams)

Tour tom (boil beans)

Kha nom lod chong

Tour lare(boil soybeans)

Kha nom keng

Kha nom ja mong gud

Kha nom ting eak

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Tosa said...

Hi I love your blog. Please post a recipe for ka la mae if you can. I live in the states and whenever my family comes back from thailand they bring me some but it always seems to run out so quickly. I'd love to be able to make my own. Thanks!