Friday, December 12, 2008

KhanomThai (Thai sweets.) 2

Khanom Thai

Thai sweets are beautiful colourful and delicious.You can meet Khanom Thai on street and then it be cheap.The most of Khanom Thai are packing in banan leaf(Bai tong) or nature material.I think Khanom Thai easy to make and smells really fragrant. Its unique.

Khanom Luk Chup .Thai sweets Khanom Luk Chup are made frommungo beans, coconut milk, sugar, gelatin and natural food colours.

Kha non foi tong korb ( Crisp Golden Fibers)

Kha non foi tong( Golden Fibers)

Kha non tong yib(Golden Flowers)

Kha non thoy fu

kha nom ka ya sat

khanom kruy buh che

khanom krok

khanom tangtai nam ka ti(Thai melon in coconut milk)

khanom thong moun

khanom ma praw krew


khanom khai wan( Egg in syrup)

kanom mor kang(Baked Egg-Bean Cake)

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