Thursday, December 11, 2008

KhanomThai (Thai sweets.) 1


I love Thai sweets such as Khanom Chan ( Multi-Layer Sweet),Phak Thong Sangkaya ( Custard Steamed in Pumpkin) etc.Thai sweets are made from refined recipes that have been passed down for centuries and take time and careful attention to prepare. So not only do they symbolise sweetness, they also represent passion, preciousness and subtlety. Thai sweets are also especially prepared for festivals such as the lunar new year, or as special treats to be offered to monks on special occasions.

Khanom Chan ( Multi-Layer Sweet)Green of it receive from screw pine(Bai toei).

Kao Neeo Moon (Thai Sticky Rice Steeped in Coconut Milk)

Bua Loi ( Thai Rice Balls in Coconut Milk)

Kanom Tian ( Stuffed Dough Pyramid Dessert)

Tab Tim Grob ( Red Rubies)

Phak Thong Sangkaya (Custard Steamed in Pumpkin)

Khanom Thuay (Coconut milk in Cup)

Ta-Ko Haew,Ta-Ko cow pord (Water Chestnut or corn And Coconut Custard Topping)

Khanom Med Khanun (Jackfruit "Seeds")

Khanom Wun Kati (Coconut Milk Over Gelatin Dessert)

Khanom Salee and my mame is Khanom salee.

Kha nom tan(Palm Heart Puff)

Kha nom wun ma praao(Coconut Slices in Gelatin)

kaao dtom mad(Steamed Sticky Rice Pouches with Filling)

Kha nom tom (Wacky Balls)

Kha nom tong yod (Golden Drops)

Kha nom bpiak bpuun(Yummy Tar)

Kha nom sord sai

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