Thursday, November 19, 2009


Krayasart which means food for the Sart Rite is prepared from rice, bean, sesame and sugar cooked into a sticky paste and then wrapped with a banana leaf. After making Krayasart people would take it to the temple to be offfered to the monks on Sart Day. At the temple, a raised-platform would be erected in a long line on the temple grounds and the monk’s alms-bowls would be placed on it. People would then put Krayasart in the alms-bowls till they were full of Krayasart. Then Krayasart would be transferred into a bamboo basket by the temple boys. At the same time, food and dessert would be separately offered to the monks at their lodging. At The end of the offering ceremony, people would perform a ceremony of pouring the water of dedication, in order to transfer merit to other beings, as people believe that if they did not offer Krayasart to monks, their dead relatives would have nothing to eat and thus they would be condemned as having no gratitude towards their benefactors.

4 April rice track
4 popped rice
4 roasted peanuts
4 roasted white sesame seeds
2 ½ sugar
1½ sugar-year tab
2 ½ splay SAT
¼ honey
2 coconut milk
1. Mixed sugar-year tab in coconut milk mix and filter in your pan, Heat.
2.Heat honey ,sugar, sugar-year tab and splay SAT (soft power and can not mix) 30-40 minute. Leave it to cool.
3.Add and mix April rice track, popped rice, roasted peanuts, roasted white sesame seeds in (2)


  1. really different food and nice to see this blog because this something change and people like the change because they tired with old foods

  2. I really want to try this recipe as my mother loves Krayasat, and although it only cost about 100 baht to buy, it cost 50,000 baht to SEND to the US. but I am confused by the recipe. specifically no measuring units (cups, teaspoons). and also the following ingredients I cannot find: sugar-year tab, April rice track, splay SAT. can you help?

  3. saya sangat penasaran ingin mencoba resep ini mdah mudahan berhasil